Our vision for the future

A new reablement facility for SW15


The New RISE Reablement Centre


Regenerate-RISE is fundraising to build a 10 bed unit to enable older people to rehabilitate after staying in hospital, before being able to return home. We are hoping to build this above the Platt Christian Centre in Putney and it will be a modern intermediate care centre dedicated to supporting older people to be able to live in the community. Each room will have an en suite bathroom, TV, telephone and computer access with skype for those who have relatives abroad or the other end of the country and each in-patient will be allocated a volunteer/friend who will take them out and also continue to visit them when they return home. The Centre will be staffed with professional people all who will assist older people to be able to live back in the community.

If you would like to be a history-maker and revolutionise the care of older people, Building site 3 peopleplease help us to build this Centre by giving us a donation to make the vision become a reality. Cheques made payable to Regenerate-RISE or through Just Giving with reference RRC.††Three of our clients went to a building site to†have their photos taken and are joining us with this campaign to raise the remainder of the funds.† Now we have planning permission, we are earnestly raising the remainder of the costs to make the Centre become a reality.† Together we can build the future for older people in our communities.Building site Michael with hatIf you would like to organise a fundraising event, please†contact us†and we will support you.

We plan to start work on the building in January 2018 - watch this space.