From Health Professionals, Relatives and Neighbours

How we deal with referrals


Regenerate-RISE takes referrals from Social Services, GPs, Sheltered Housing Wardens, Occupational Therapists, Hospitals and Families and our preference is for one of our Referral Forms to be completed. One of our staff will then visit the person to see whether they are suitable for our service and whether indeed the person wishes to attend. The main criteria for someone to attend Regenerate-RISE is that they are over 60 years of age and are either isolated or at risk of isolation. The only people we cannot provide a service for are those with Dementia who may wander, as we do not have a locked door policy or those who are aggressive - as we do not have trained staff to be able to assist. We welcome people with disabilities, but do not provide lifting equipment for people who need to get out of their wheelchair.

We believe very much that the integration of able-bodied with disabled people is very important as it brings an empathy and support for one another. It increases a tolerance and understanding of disabilities as well as a compassionate and caring attitude between the peer group.

Referral documents

Please download the referral form from the list below relevant to your location and send it back to the appropriate Regenerate Rise project - addresses can be found on the form itself or can be looked up on your contact page.

Right-click and 'Save As' to download the form or click the link to open the document and 'Save As' from the menu bar



Referral Form - RISE Nottingham