Serving the Community across Putney, Roehampton, Putney Vale and West Hill

Reaching out in the heart of SW London

Programme of Activities

Our programme of activities changes every month and includes an outing every Tuesday to places of interest, pubs, garden centres etc. For our Christmas programme please click on the link below

Programme - June 2018 SW15


Lunches are £5.50 in SW15 and are comprised of fresh meat and vegetables every day.  There is a variety - andLunch 2 the menu is not repeated in a cycle - so you can be assured that we take clients' views and opinions very seriously.  There are alternatives if you don't like the main course, eg salads, omelettes, fish, jacket potatoes and an alternative sweet of yoghurt, ice cream or fruit.  To view the Menu please click below.

Menu for June 2018

salad-to-take-homeOur catering staff are now providing a "Meal Deal" consisting of a Ham or Corned Beef Salad with a packet of crisps, yoghurt and a fruit drink at a cost of £5 for members to take home for their tea.  Alternatively they can have a Salmon Salad as a meal deal for £5.50


For further information on the service we provide please ring Simon on 020 8780 9330

the-feel-good-bakery-logoThe Feel Good Bakery has continued to supply sandwiches to a number of events and meetings at Regenerate-RISE.  We are also now raising money to be able to support the Tumani African Foundation to enable them to feed 40 older people for a month.  We have now been able to donate over £1000 to this project.