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Regenerate-RISE: Privacy Notice for Clients

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into force on 25 May 2018

Regenerate-RISE is committed to protecting your privacy along with respecting your personal information and we will do all we can to keep it safe.  It is really helpful for us to obtain your personal information and keep it on record and the only time we will pass it on is if there is a medical emergency, or for monitoring purposes with Wandsworth Council.  We will not sell or share personal details with third parties for the purposes of their marketing.

How we collect information about you

When you first attend Regenerate-RISE, we will ask you for the following information:

·         Name

·         Address

·         Date of Birth

·         Telephone Number

·         GP

·         Next of Kin

The reason for this is two fold:

1)      If we need to call a Doctor or an ambulance in an emergency, we can pass on the relevant information to the GP or hospital in order that they can give you the best care

2)      We are funded by Wandsworth Council and we are asked to give them the following information:

·         Name

·         Date of Birth

·         Post Code

Client Information Form (CIF)

We also ask for additional information for our Client Information Form.  That consists of:

·         The information given to us when you first attend

·         Whether you have a visual impairment

·         Whether you have a mobility impairment

·         Whether you are registered disabled

·         Whether you are a wheelchair user

·         Whether you use a frame

·         Whether you need help with personal care

·         Whether you need help with falls prevention

·         Medical conditions

·         Dietary requirements

·         Whether you receive a care package and if so, their name and telephone number along with the frequency of visits

·         Whether you have a Social Worker

·         Which agency referred you to us

·         Whether you have regular contact with family and others

How we store your information

We keep the information you give us in the following ways:

·         A Card Index File

·         Individual files in a locked cabinet

·         On the computer

·         On a mobile phone (telephone numbers)

Protecting your personal information

The security of your information is very important to us.  We do ensure that there are appropriate controls and procedures in place to protect your personal details.  For example:

·         Your Client Information Form is kept in a locked cabinet

·         The Card Index File is kept in a locked cabinet when the premises are not in use and in the office during the day – for easy access

·         Information on the computer is password protected

·         Information on a mobile phone is password protected

·         Information sent to Wandsworth Council is password protected

We do have to let you know that despite all the security and protection that we put in place, there is always a small risk that the security could be broken and therefore you do submit data at your own risk.  We are committed to undergo regular reviews as to who has access to the information that we hold on you.  Currently, within the Centres, the following people could have access to all or some of your information:

·         Staff

·         Volunteers

·         Trustees

·         Local Authority

It is important for members to inform staff if their personal information changes at any time.  We will also keep records of any donations you have made for at least seven years.  If a client leaves us a legacy, we will also keep that information to administer the gifts and to communicate with the families of people leaving legacies.

If you ask us to cease communication with you, we will keep a record of your name only.

Right of Access

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you.  If there are any discrepancies in the details we provide, please let us know and we will correct them.  Please ask a member of staff if you wish to see these records.  Please request a copy if you would like one.

Your Agreement

We will ask you to sign an agreement for us to keep your personal information on our system.

Photographs and Social Media

From time to time we take photographs of activities and members and these are used in the following ways:

·         Leaflets

·         Website

·         Facebook

·         Instagram

·         Posters

·         Banners

We will need you to give us permission for your photograph to be used in the above media and will include this in the agreement that we ask you to sign.

Other Information

The General Data Protection Regulation also covers the personal data that we hold on Staff, Volunteers, Donors, Relatives and Visitors and Regenerate-RISE will be preparing a Privacy Notice to cover the variety of people that we work with and come into contact with.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask at any time.

Mo Smith

On behalf of the Trustees

30 April 2018







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