Regenerate-RISE takes referrals from Social Services, GPs, Sheltered Housing Wardens, Occupational Therapists, Hospitals and Families and our preference is for one of our Referral Forms to be completed. One of our staff will then telephone the person within 48 hrs to arrange a visit to see whether they are suitable for our service and whether indeed the person wishes to attend. The main criteria for someone to attend Regenerate-RISE is that they are over 60 years of age and are either isolated or at risk of isolation. The only people we cannot provide a service for are those with Dementia who may wander, as we do not have a locked door policy or those who are aggressive. We welcome people with disabilities, but do not provide lifting equipment for people who need to get out of their wheelchair.

We believe very much that the integration of able-bodied with disabled people is very important as it brings an empathy and support for one another. It increases a tolerance and understanding of disabilities as well as a compassionate and caring attitude between the peer group.

Referral documents

RISE SW11 closed on 31 March and it was the end of a very special era.  We are now working from the Platt Mission in Putney and are still taking referrals from people across the borough.

If you would like to refer someone to our day services please click on the link below.

Referral Form for RISE

If you are a health professional and would like to refer a patient to RISE+ please go to the front page of our website and click on the referral form on the right hand side of the page for this service





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We welcome new referrals and after the initial receipt of a Referral Form, a visit will be made by one of our staff to see the person at home.  We always take a little gift and literature that explains our service.  People referred need to be able to transfer from a wheelchair to a minibus seat, if they need our transport or we can organise Dial-a-Ride which is currently a free service although they do not accept older people with advanced Dementia.

Quotes from Clients

 "Thanks to the staff for the great Kings and Queens.  The decor, the flowers and the volunteers looked so cute in their black and white.  The entertainment, wine and food was great"

Regenerate-RISE has Comments Cards that clients can complete to let us know what they appreciate and what they would like to see change. "I came home Saturday to receive my Mum and she was so happy and chatty.  She gave her granddaughter the red rose and showed us her Oscar.  She looked so bright.  Thanks again"

One recent Comments Card said "No need for comments, just look at the empty plates, that says it all - lovely".





"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing support you are giving our Mum.  The relief at knowing you are all there and caring so much for her both practically and emotionally can't be expressed.  You are all second to none and more appreciated than we can possibly say.  Thank you"

"I would like to thank you for getting a new phone for D.  I could not come over as I was in touch with a friend who was found to have Covid-19.  We are coming to the end of the 14th day of staying in and I am waiting to see if I have it, I had a test 5 days ago.  You getting the phone for D allows us to get in touch with her, so thank you all very much".





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